Triggering Lighting Cues on ETC Ion via Isadora

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    I am starting work on a show and have been asked if it would be possible to handle both the lighting cues and the video cues through Isadora. My answer was "Yes, it is possible. I know how to do it in theory, but I have yet to do it in practice. " No individual channel control is required, I just need to be able to fire the lighting cues written in the ETC Ion with Isadora. 
    The two ways I can think to do this are:
    1) Use my Enntec DXM Pro MkII (I saw one discussion about using this with an Ion, but did not find specifics).
    2) Have Isadora send Midi or OSC to Qlab 3 and have Qlab send OSC to the ETC Ion.
    Though I can probably figure out the specifics on my own if need be, one of the many wonderful things about Isadora is the strong community that has been built in this forum. Thus I was wondering if anyone had specific information about implementing either of these and/or advice about which of the two would be the better option.
    • I am using Isadora v2.1.
    • I am using a Mac Pro that is almost identical to the Mac Pro in my signature.
    • I have yet to check the OS on the Mac Pro, (it should be the second newest Mac OS version), but I can upgrade it to El Capitan if need be.
    • I have an Enntec DMX USB Pro MkII (but the driver is not on the Mac Pro yet).
    • The Mac Pro already has Qlab.
    • The lighting console in question is a brand-new ETC Ion.
    Thank you all very much for your time,

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    It depend on what you need to do.
    – to command the ETC, you don't need QLab, Isadora can send directly OSC, midi or Midi Show Control, depending on the ETC Ion characteristics.
    – in a workshop, I explored the script to use Enntec directly from Isadora, it's a little bit complicated, I dont think it's the best way…
    – another solution is to use D::Light, you can drive it with OSC, he store the cues and you fire it from Isadora, you can even have return from D::Light in OSC (channel level etc.). Not the more stable app in the world and you need X11 but it works
    – use Lanbox, you store the cues inside and you can command it from Isadora with midi (very easy) and with TCP-IP (there is some examples with the LC-Edit app and on Isadora forum), for me it's the easiest way.
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    I actually found that using a PreSonus Firebox, connected to a Mac via USB and to the Ion via MIDI cable, I can fire cues using the "Send MIDI Show Control" actor. 

    (Sorry I do not have the exact make and model. I am not in the theatre currently.) 
    In case anyone is interested or searches this in the future, here is how I did it.
    **On the Ion** 
    Go into Displays --> Setup --> Show Control then enable "MSC Receive." I also set the "MSC Receive Channel" to 1.
    Page 4 in this PDF of [show control manual for ETC Ion]( is helpful.
    **In Isadora**
    Click Communications --> Midi Setup, then select the PreSonus USB Firebox as the output for port 1.
    Make a "Send MIDI Show Control" actor. Put the port as "1", the device-id as "1", the cmd format as "lighting", the command as "go", and your cue list as whatever the number of the cue list which contains the cues in the ION that you want to fire. (If you only have one cue list, then this is unnecessary and will default to 1.)
    I attached a simple version of the patch, with this description, should anyone be interested. 
    Credit to user Jmoriarty for the idea of using the PreSonus Firebox.


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    If you have the last version of  eos. You can trigg them with osc . Here is a list with eos Osc Key commands.


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    @alexb1 Many thanks!

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    I forgot to to explain,that you need to activate de OSc in the general setup of the console and after you need to configurate the osc parameter  in show control .

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