• we wanted to give a short note on our experience with a canon DSLR

    for our recent rehearsal we utilized a canon rebel eq. to a 1200D
    It was bonded to izzy through syphon and the nice [camera live tool](https://github.com/v002/v002-Camera-Live/releases)
    The camera sends a live view, which is a mpeg stream over usb to our mac, the guys behind syphon build that app it is really nice as you can use the canon eos utility to adjust aperture, wb, etc. at the same time. Just be carefully to use the latest version of camera live a former one had a memory leak thing resulting in an interesting live delay effect of up to 20 sec
    the setup performed nicely for a 2 weeks rehearsal period
    delay is fair, costs are nice (we used a 2nd hand cam), & lots of lenses available, 
    usb means you have a cable limit but this wasn't an issue for us
    best clemens