Projector midi remote from jonas Halfdan

  • hey everybody this is mi first post

    I bought this a few days ago :
     it works properly but sometimes ( maybe 5 % of the time) it does not respond 
    I use it with a Panasonic PT-EX12KE on a MacBook Pro 15 inch osX el capitain. And I control it with Isadora 2.1 I use the actor "Send Control" in my Isadora patch. For the connection : I use a thunderbolt to Ethernet conversion and of course an Ethernet cable to the video projector.
    it works really good and the time respond is fast but 
    randomly it does not work and i do not find the problem
    could somebody help me?
     sorry for mi bad english i'm from belgium ;)

  • Tech Staff


    Thanks for sharing. 
    This software has been mentioned a few times over the years. I have never used it myself so I can't really help.
    When it doesn't not respond do you have to close the software? Unplug the cable? Or Something else? Just trying to logically think through this for you.
    Lastly; have you emailed them directly? 

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