• Hello, i'm not sure if this is a bug, or just unexpected behaviour, but:

    i've got a simple patch: movie player to projector, another movie player to another projector (set to the same stage) changing the intensity of each projector enables me to fade the movies in and out and have both playing on top of each other (i think it works as an additive blend)
    also: i added a Stage Background actor to get some interesting feedback effects.
    all very straightforward. but - i took it to the venue to do visuals behind a DJ set and mapped it to the wall. and it broke. as soon as i doubleclick a projector to open izzymap, the blend mode changes and i get one movie or the other movie, but no blend of the two. and the Stage Background effects are only visible outside the perimeters of the mapping. so ended up with pretty boring visuals.
    can anybody else recreate this? would you like me to post the patch? any ideas of how to fix it?
    oh, 2.1 on retina MBP running OSX 10.10.5
  • Izzy Guru


    This is not a bug, as soon as you double click the projector to open the mapping window the projectors blend mode de-activates, you then have to set the blend mode for every mapping slice inside of the mapping window. Click on the slice you wish to control and set the blend mode in the so called drawing section.

    Best Michel

  • thankyou Michel, i shall try that

  • Izzy Guru


  • thanks G and M - additive blend sorts it out. the only issue i have now is that the Stage Background feedback effects spill outside of the mapping.

  • Tech Staff

    For the feedback, you might want to try a ffgl effect like:

    (I use this one often)

    This will allow the effect to be rendered before the mapping.

  • Thanks Ryan, that'll be very useful