• I would like to control Isadora via RS422 from a Snell Kahuna Vision mixer that supports Programmable RS422 commands. Any Ideas if this is possible?


  • Anything is possible, read the RS422 from an arduino and send the data however you like- OSC midi etc. If you think of it like you add midi or OSC to your vision mixer.

    This gear is pretty high end, there is an Ethernet port that outputs different protocols already, it may also be ok to read the UDP or TCIP as well.

  • @hoec do you want to use

    1\. izzy as a play out server feeding the vision mixer // and your are looking for some kind of gpi
    2\. do you want to utilize the Snell Panel as a control surface for izzy and mimic the vision mixer in isadora ?
    i was interested in part 2, there are tons of nicely manufactured broadcast panels and routing panels etc. on surplus markets but even with the documentation i think it is a big plus to have the fully functioning system, so you can hook yourself into the rs422 line and listen to the traffic analyzing it and bit by bit doing the transformation

  • i want to use izzy as a play out server, feeding the vision mixer. till now i was controlling a rosendahl-bonsai-drive via rs422 from the kahuna mixer, but bonsai is not supporting HD. so i try to set up a HD-media play out server with isadora.

    actually, I know the isadora supports rs232 commands, but does it also work with rs422?
    instead of Arduino i would rather prefer an rs422-usb converter.

  • i think it depends on the level of integration the snell mixer needs in terms of feedback from izzy and if you just want to send stop / play commands or advanced stuff like seeking with timecode etc.

    implementing the sony 9pin or a similar protocol would be a nice gift to the community, but you should think as well about solutions like using the gpo's of the mixer and trigger an arduino's input (much easier)
    or looking at solution which all ready used in broadcast like [caspar cg](http://casparcg.com) 
    your signal is another issue it is a good idea to use a sdi output when feeding the mixer
    this can be done with a hdmi-> sdi adapter / scaler but a native sdi card is the preferred solution 
    specially when it comes to interlaced signals
    in my opinion izzy makes a lot of sense when it comes to interaction and mixing on the gpu, acting as broadcast play out server ?
    perhaps @fred can give you more insights as he worked a lot with sdi processing equipment // do a search for his comments and threads and you have some hours to read and browse :)

  • There is no advantage to using an HDMI to SDI convertor, the panel can take HDMI anyway. The proper advantage comes from using hardware outputs (like a blackmagic device, not the gpu) but this output is pixel based and must be downloaded from the GPU before playout. This will give good quality colour. As for differences between interlaced and progressive signals, a recent video card will output perfect standard spec video interlaced or progressive, the question of quality is more from the software driving the output and how well it is managed- Izzy scores OK but not perfect in this case. I used blackmagic hyperdecks with rs232 or Ethernet control to do HD playout, cheaper than a laptop and perfect sync and signal and almost instant response- I can jump through a file with an edl and get frame accurate edits. @m_theatre the unit is a hardware mixer and the speed quality and reliability of the mixing is much better than any GPU mixing in isaodra. In essence I think the idea is to have Izzy as just a playout server, this could easily be done with something smaller and more reliable. Even a brightsign device, raspberry pi even. It seems you need an account and password to get the manual for the board, I am sure there is more options for communication than rs422, even if not rs422 is just a slightly different serial port and Izzy should speak to the adaptor easily once you know the protocol.

  • thanks so far for all that input!

    i guess a hd-device for playout would be the best, but it´s not easy to find the right stuff (rs422, fast responding). i was testing a pix250i (http://www.videodevices.com/products/rack-mount-video-recorders/pix250i) but it gave me almost 5 seconds of delay before playing the clip.
    someone told me that the controlling via rs422 is a bit tricky with the BM hyperdeck, especially commands like "previous/next clip"? 

  • @hoec have a look as well at the aja gear i really like the sturdiness of there products, perhaps a distributor could give you a test unit it is more pricy then blackmagic 

    but 1 vs 3 years of warranty, ethernet file transfer are nice features 
    @fred the hardware mixers i had in my hand were just old sd units or seamless switchers like analog ways and the blackmagic tvs
    i think if there is the budget a real mixer brings lots of advantages when it comes to live video processing // reliability, delay etc. 
    but somehow i like the idea to use izzy as an all in unit with the mapping and interaction features and would love to get an interface for old control panels like the gvg100 … 
    but from my understanding this would lead more in an izzy plugin than an user actor because of checksum handling and bit parsing

  • @m_theater you can control the hyperdecks with rs422 or Ethernet. Rs422 is easy and reliable. It is the standard Sony protocol used industry wide for transport control and cueing. It ia very sinpke and the manual has the full protocol. Ethernet control is also Great and easy to use but with way less functions. As i said I use rs422 and get frame accurate edits in real time.

  • PS, here is a class that has the sony protocol implemented, I made this just for the blackmagic hyperdeck, works a treat- https://github.com/fred-dev/ofxSonyDeckControl/blob/master/src/.

    The Ethernet has previous and next clip, but you can jump to timecode with the hyperdeck so it is even better.

  • Fred - would you happen to have any insights on controlling a Panasonic MX70 via Rs232 (as opposed to 422)? Is it the same Sony protocol over 232, or something different? (Documentation is VERY sketchy once you flick the switch to 232, and am getting nothing over 3-wire tx/rx/grnd.)

  • I would guess this is a good start, wrong model but worth a try for basic finctions


  • Yep - got that far, but every function just returns "15" (NAK).

    *Apols for hijack!*