How to set up Enttec Open Usb on Mac Os X 10.8

  • Hi there, I hope you are well.
    I'm working on my solo Show that opens on january 12th.
    For one of the installation I'm installing 4 led skulptures that I want to control over sound frequencies or by sending Iannix infos into Isadora.

    I'm very new to this, and I haven't wrapped my head around the process.
    I've downloaded both Isadora examples called "enttec-user-actor-demo" and files I've got from a Jamie Grifftith great workshop.
    But I'm a bit lost.

    To start, I can't find the Mac drivers for the Open Usb model, And can't figure out if you need drivers?
    Can someone please explain the basic process? And how to detect the Enttec Open usb?

    I'm planning to buy an Enttec Usb Pro soon to further my research and experiment with my students.

    Thank you

    Best Regards

  • Tech Staff


    For the open dmx usb there is no driver on the enttec website, they only offer a driver for PC, I am not sure if it works on Mac.

    Best Michel

  • what i experienced during the build of my isadora light board. the open_dmx version is not recognised. So i ended up buying the enttec pro version . which i got used for like 90 euros.

    which works great for quite a while now. I attached my final version, maybe it helps. the zip also contains an osc version of the board

  • Hi @Michel @Gapworks,
    thank you! @gapworks how did you find drivers for the Pro version?
    I don't see any link on the Enttec website...


  • Tech Staff

    Dear @David

    If you look into the manual on the Enttec website you will find a link to this site:, there you can download the driver for mac. It is strange that they offer a direct link for the PC driver but not for the Mac.

    Best Michel

  • @ David

      i installed NO driver at all, it works out of the box! Only when you combine it with other software like `chamsys`you get into trouble. Because of the FTDI drivers. One needs it the other one does not! 

  • @gapworks thank you!