RGBD/Noise/Wireframe effect

  • Hi there,

    Is there any possibility to achieve an effect that would be similar with the output of RGBD, or something similar to this video [https://vimeo.com/13963425](https://vimeo.com/13963425) ?

  • I think this is your best staring point:

    But is mac only I believe. 

  • Perfect I am mac user.

    But as I can see it needs to go through QC?

  • Yes depending on what version of Isadora you have you can drop the file into your Quartz folder and it will show.

  • 79b3d1-screen-shot-2015-12-29-at-14.32.04.png

  • Thank you very much :)

  • Hi Graham,
    thats a really nice visualization!
    Is there any possibilty to realise that on windows?


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