Save cpu cycles while scrubbing / talking to the new movie players

  • hi everybody,

    somewhere mark was talking about about the new movie players

    and the limitation of the outsourced threads as there is a cpu overhead when you talk to them to fast.
    attached is a test how to deal with that
    if you want to try that on your system
    switching between input 1 / 2 saves me 15 % cpu power
    happy holidays


  • Dear @m_theater,

    Well, first, scrubbing when 'optimize' is set to 'performance' isn't going to work nearly as well as when it is set to 'optimize.' Apple's AVFoundation (there replacement for QuickTime) just doesn't do that kind of scrubbing well. You'd be much better off setting the 'optimize' input to 'interactive' so that the Movie Player will go back to using QuickTime.
    (This is all covered under the heading "Understanding the new Optimize input" in the Knowledge Base article "ISADORA 2.0 QUICK START: MOVIE PLAYBACK" -- which you can find here:
    That being said, I think the performance hit you mention when using 'performance' mode would be more simply accomplished by using a Multi-Blocker actor just before the position input. Why don't you try that as an alternative and see if it solves the problem. You can experiment with the 'time' input to get a good response vs. CPU hit.
    Best Wishes,

  • dear @mark,

    thanks for your comment, i guess i tried to reinvent the wheel and build a multi blocker myself
    i haven't had the chance to project the videos using both methods and compare them visually
    some tasks for the new year, upgrading from 10.8; getting the 2.1 to run and do some more basic tests
    thank you mark and the izzy team for the great work
    guten rutsch ins neue Jahr