• Happy New Year everybody!

    It would be great if you can find an available channel of Broadcaster somewhere.

    Or it would be great when you open new Broadcaster with available channel.
    I use a lot of Broadcasters with Macro these days(I just learned how to use it). And sometimes I lost which new channel I can use next.
  • Tech Staff

    I also use this often. My general practice is to record all channel usage to a comment in the top level of my patch. Documentation really is your friend with this. Additionally I have made user actors that test channels via tap tempo to see if they are actively transmitting... this can work well for channels that you expect video on. I used this as a method of showing free channels in a video patcher/mixer I built. One thing to note is that the use of listener broadcaster inside user actors can become difficult. It makes the sharing and reuse of user actors difficult and I would recommend not using them in this way unless required. A new and fantastic alternative is the set and get global values actors. These allow unique names to be used that are much less likely to cause collisions when sharing / reusing.

  • There were many discussions and a feature request about 3 years ago for named channels instead of numbers, making management very easy, needless to say it never happened.

  • Hello DusX,

    Yes, I notice the problem you pointed about using broadcaster inside of the user actors. It is very useful but tricky, isn't it? I should record it now on.
    Thank you.
    Hello Fred,
    I bet there were. I hope one day, Isadora team can work on this.
    Happy New Year, guys!
  • Izzy Guru

    @Fred @Shigezo

    In Isadora 2.1 you have the "Set Global Values" and "Get Global Values" actors, there you can use names instead of numbers, they even communicate without that the scenes has to be activated.

    Best Michel

  • Oh, I see.

    I just tried them.These are great!
    I love the function of multiply value.
    Thanks, Michel!
  • Tech Staff

    Yes, this is what I was trying to say.
    Now with Global Values, best practice is to use these rather than listener/broadcast when possible.

    They provide the namespacing like the previous feature request, as well as, global scope. (cross scene)
    Much more is now possible with these great new actors.
    (PS: I use a prefix for all my namespaces, "DX" so that I can avoid collisions.)

  • Yes, true, I did not use it so much yet... I should look it as a replacement for the broadcaster receiver pairs..