Mapping to a Stage instead of a Projector

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    I recently began exploring mapping in Isadora 2\.  I love the IzzyMap, but that only maps 1 instance of a projector as far as I can tell. I need to universally map all the Projector actors assigned to a specific stage (I'm using 3 stages in total). Is there a way to map the stage and not the actor?
    Also, I am dealing with a touring situation where I will hand the Izzy patch to the stage manager and she will need to do the mapping at each location. Is there any way to use controllers to manipulate the output points of the IzzyMap? 

  • you could try using a Listener feeding a single Projector, and then Broadcasting to that from all scenes.

    and Izzymap points can be published. you could then set up a control system for tweaking the mapping.
    I would suggest doing all the mapping in a separate scene that runs in the background.
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    I think adding a stage map feature sounds like a good feature request. Please submit such via the support form.

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    Good idea.

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    I have added it as a feature request.

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    I had the same problem-so I copied all the projectors with the mapping settings...that was very stressfull

  • Isn't that what the "Stage setup" can do ?...

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    well not exactly, if you only want to move the four corners the stage setup is the one to go, but if you are making more complex mappings you need the mapping feature in the projector.

    Best Michel

  • of course !... thanx Michel !

    i take the risk of a second idea : placing the projector in a  User actor (seems to work for me) ?....   
    Edit : 
    i just met a problem with that solution : the user input assigned to the video input of the projector looses its ability to switch to GPU/CPU/CI sources...