• May be this is not possible. But if it happen, it is wonderful so.

    I usually use isadora with multiple video projectors. Often, I use video projector as light source for the theater.
    Sometimes, it is really hard to imagine the result I will get. And it is really hard to set up in real life for testing.
    So, if I could see multiple video projections inside of the 3D preview or something, it would be great! 
    And probably many people want like this as well. 
    Will this happen in a future?
    Or, is there anyway you can do it now with other software like vectorworks or sketch up?
    I hope Mark is interested in this.

  • Here is a great software solution for 3D visualization for lights etc.


  • Great!

    I will check it out.

  • Or try  lighting visualization software Cast- WYSIWYG http://www.cast-soft.com/wysiwyg/overview

  • Beta Tester

    You can do this within Isadora using the various 3D actors but it takes some time to set up. I have a show right now that I'm doing with projection mapped moving scenery and I have built a whole system in Isadora for previsualizing what it will look like from different seats in the house with the set in all its configurations.

  • Dear Shigezo,

    Thanks for your interest and enthusiasm regarding Isadora. But I'm afraid the specific function you mention is a bit too specialized for me to pursue at the moment. As Matthew indicates, it is possible to do it. But it will take a bit of work. The key thing you'll want to explore is the 'texture map' input to the 3D Player. In your 3D Model, assign one texture map (only) to the place where you want the image to appear. (It will need to be a texture map associated with an image -- even though you won't really use the image.) 
    I've made you a little example -- take a look at the "screen" object. If you turn on your web cam in the Live Capture Settings window, you'll see the image in the screen. In this 3D object, there is only one texture map (associated with the picture texture-map-alt.jpg) which is a plane just in front of the other parts of the screen. That's where the image appears.
    Hopefully that will get you started.
    Best Wishes,


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    The other possibility you can look into if you need more accurate results is using mini projectors with the maquette. I have a couple 500 lumen WXGA projectors made by 3M that work amazingly for this.

  • Dear Paulbeumer, MattehH & Mark,
    Thank you for your answers! 
    I did not get any notification via email about this topic. So, I did not know you guys wrote a while ago.
    Paulbeumer: I heard about WYSIWYG. I want to check when I can...
    MattewH: I am doing similar thing with 5 video projectors. But I feel it is too much for space and energy!
    Mark: Thank you for your example. I will try to find a way I hope:)
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  • Dear Michel,

    Thank you for your kindly help!