Media numbering assigns per bin, or last bin for live recorded additions

  • this is a request to add clip or bin assigns so the clip numbers in separated out bins do not change when adding live-recorded clips.

    ie: for additional video bins to have the possibility of a 'start number' assigned, OR if a specific last bin could be assigned for new recordings as they get added.

    right now, when i add clips that are recorded live they will only go to the primary media bin which is 1st in line, causing any additional bins to change clip numbers every time a newly recorded clip is added. this changes later preset cues, so currently it's not possible to separate media into specific bins for any shows that go back and forth between live recordings and prerecorded media.

    (if an applescript already exists for this, can someone point toward it? i am using an applescript to add clips from stage capture but i can't make them go into any bin but the primary.)

    i am not using capture from camera (because the files are huge and there has not been the possibility of assigning a codec that is smallish and well interactive) but that would hopefully be able to benefit from assigns as well.



  • Tech Staff

    You can have the video save after the last video in a bin. So ensure you have at least one video in a bin that is after all your other bins..

    Then when you use 'Capture Stage to Disk' to save (with 'add' as the movie setting) it will be added after that last movie.
    (I just tested this to be sure)
    the rest.. I'm a little unsure what you are doing since it sounds like you have a number of capture options on the go.
  • Izzy Guru


    I do see your point. ...this changes later preset cues... if you want to prevent this you have to check the "auto adjust media numbers", the first icon in the media tab.

    Best Michel

  • I think my question can be added to @mikemixed. I have different types of images, and therefore different bins. However, when I add an image to a bin, it moves the numbers in both bins. For example, I have "Picture Bin1" and "Picture Bin2", which both contain images; Bin1 has images 1-50, and Bin2 has images 51-100. I already have players set to play these specific numbers, and then when I add another image to Bin1, not only does that bin change, but so does Bin2, which means I have to adjust all the players. Is it possible to make each bin start with the number 1 and be independent?

  • Tech Staff

    I think this is a valid and useful feature, that I know I have wanted while working.

    Please enter an official Feature Request (link in Michel's or my signatures)