Trigger one at a time with gate

  • hi!

    this is not the first time someone posts about this, but it always confuses me greatly.
    I have 2 midi watchers triggering a segmented envelope envelope. Note on triggers the first segment, note off the second. I would like to add a gate that allows either note on or note off to pass one at a time.
    why? because with dirty signals such as a piezo, sometimes I get 2 consecutives note on or note off, and everything is a bit screwed afterwards...


  • Few things you can do.

    First and the most effective is to build electronic gate(and preamp) for you piezo. The idea is to let pass just the highest or cumulative value and ignore all the rest until reset. If you use Arduino or similar to convert piezo to MIDI you can program this as well.
    Second you could try Max(or Min) Value Hold to ignore anything under (or over) certain threshold.

  • you could use multi blocker to stop retriggering, depending on how close together you need it to work, and how long you get things you need to ignore