Permanent video interactive installation

  • Hi everyone, i'm relatively new on Isadora.

    I'm working on a video interactive installation that will run for around two months. Recently we test our installation, and we realize that after an hour or two, maybe less, the izz project started to be laggy and buggy.

    The project is running for test on a macbook pro of max two years old, don't know all the specs sorry it is not my laptop.

    I was wondering if anybody has an adivce for me, to be sure that my project run as good and fast that I want. Is there something I can do like cleaning the cache or whatever to be sure that my izz project is running smooth for continuous hours.

    Thank You in advance d5b4c0-eros_v10.izz

  • Tech Staff


    Can you give us more information, what version of Isadora are you working with? What is the patch doing? That would help as well.

    Best Michel