Number Conversion

  • Hi,

    I'm using an envelope gen, and it's number outputs go from 0 to 100 feeding a projector horizontal Position. It's looking for number inputs from -100 to + 100\. The settings within the actors can't seem to match up.
    So is there an actor that would convert 0 to 100 to the -100 to 100?

  • Never Mind, I found a work around.


  • Nope, my work around didn't work(:

    Still need a converter

  • OK, Solution was half values on the Env Gen.

  • With envelope generator++, you can use any value you want.

  • Alternatively you can scale values -100 through to 100 on the axis you working on, therefore '0' on envelope generator will actually correspond to -100 on your scaled value.

  • Tech Staff

    I am not fully sure what you are looking to scale,

    But, my go to for numeric scaling is "Limit-Scale Value"
    Just be aware that changing an input range updates the output 'min/max'

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