Sprite actor

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    Very interesting

  • I'm intrigued, would you be willing to post a short video of this in action?

  • Very willing, but I am away from this possibility until april. I will do it then!

  • Just curious if the Sprite actor will eventually return in GPU form with the same functionality as it used to have, or if we will need to get used to other methods?

    I find Sprite very useful in that it (a) plays input at natural size rather than scaled to the stage, and in that (b) I can have global projector settings stored in a user actor, to apply to a whole show, but still steer content around within that calibration on a scene-by-scene basis, without needing many instances of projectors that become impossible to globally adjust if focus needs to be fixed.

  • Tech Staff


    As far as I know not in the next version 2.2. But the plan is to get a gpu version sooner or later for all if possible.

    Best Michel

  • Thanks Michel, good to know!

  • bump<<

    is there a GPU Sprite ready yet?

  • ...actually: ignore me. i think the 3D projector to a Virtual Stage does everything the Sprite used to do, and the PanSpinZoom, and the Spinner, all combined and on GPU. nice.


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