• I have been trying to get data from my kinect into Isadora, however, i'm unable to syphon into Isadora. I have been able to bring the data to my mac through Processing 2 but that does not support syphon, Processing 3 supports syphon but does not load data from the kinect to my computer!

    Is there anyone here who could help me and possibly many others with a step by step guide as to how to do this? I've a play and a circus act that is going to use this soon and I'd really appreciate the help. 
    Please help! Thanks in advance.

  • take a look to Ni-mate 2

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    We actually have a step by step guide that is not public yet. Let me ask the boss what we should do.

    Best Michel

  • @ Maximortal After all i decided to get myself a Kinect Sensor and even bought a licence of NI_mate 2. But it constantly crashes Isadora after a while :( To the point where i need to restart my MBP.

    greets from vienna

  • Processing 2 does support Syphon, you just have to get the older branch from GitHub...

    "Note that latest revision on master is compatible with 3.0 only. Use the [v2 branch](https://github.com/Syphon/Processing/tree/v2) for the last version compatible with 2.0." - https://github.com/Syphon/Processing
    Processing 3's Syphon implementation is flakey at best (in my opinion). NIMate2 also has a tendency to crash and die on my MBPro. NiMate1 works fine but is rather CPU-heavy.

  • Thank you, all. Nice to see a supportive community!

    @Maximortal, I have tried that but NI Mate only runs in the background. I tried to get blender v2.2 along with a python launcher and it only opens a terminal window with this message:

    Last login: Thu Jan 14 21:42:56 on ttys000

    Prithams-MacBook-Pro:~ Pritham$ cd '/Users/Pritham/Downloads/' && '/usr/local/bin/pythonw'  '/Users/Pritham/Downloads/animation_delicode_ni_mate_tools.py'  && echo Exit status: $? && exit 1

    Traceback (most recent call last):

    File "/Users/Pritham/Downloads/animation_delicode_ni_mate_tools.py", line 31, in

    from mathutils import Vector

    ImportError: No module named mathutils

    Prithams-MacBook-Pro:Downloads Pritham$

    @Michel, that would be just the perfect thing. Fingers crossed!

    @Marci, I got that module. I'm sorry, i'm no good at computer languages, i tried installing the code through the terminal but, no luck.

    I've attached a screenshot of what I have been able to achieve using Processing 2. The syphon receiver actor in Isadora does not automatically detect any open servers.


  • Should be no need for terminal... Download the zip from the v2 branch, extract, drag and drop into your processing libraries folder. Done.

  • Wait 30 minutes from the time of this post (as it's still uploading), then go here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lyxj60kf0k6jke7/AAAF5MszGamDSuiSP4fgH9t5a?dl=0
    Into the Libraries folder, and in there you'll find the Syphon folder. Download and stick it in the library folder within your Processing2 sketches folder, replacing any Syphon folder that's already there. Close and reopen Processing, then hit Shift-Cmd-O to open the examples browser, expand Contributed Libraries, find Syphon, open one of it's examples (try SendScreen and SendFrames) and set it running.
    Now head to Isadora 2.x, throw a syphon receiver actor in a patch, connect it to a projector, set the server (Processing Syphon ::: SendFrames or SendScreen), hit Cmd-G to start the stage and you should see the example turn up in Isadora.
    You'll then need to add the relevant code (probably from the SendScreen example) into your Kinect Processing sketch.
    _import codeanticode.syphon.*;_
    _SyphonServer server;_
    ...to the very top of your sketch.
    _server = new SyphonServer(this, "Processing Syphon");_
    ...to your setup() function.
    ...to the end of your draw() function.

  • Dear All,

    We're finalizing the tutorial so we can get it online as quickly as possible. It uses Processing, so you don't need to purchase additional software.
    In the meantime, I'm going to send a copy to @pritham so he/she (sorry, don't know!) can give it a go.
    Best Wishes,

  • the tutorial is both for mac/win?

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    Yes, it is -- there are some different steps for each OS, but we've covered them both.

  • @Marci, thanks a ton for your support!

    Some progress but not there yet. I downloaded the syphon folder and placed it in the processing library where it now shows up in the Java examples when I hit Shift-cmd-O. I opened up SendScreen and it brought the code into processing. I started Isadora and patched in the actors it works!! 
    Now, I tried to get the kinect data into Isadora while using the code you recommend here and it worked!!
    Thank you so much for your generosity! 
    The modification in the code seemed to work for user3D but not for depthinfrared. Any idea why?

  • classcastexception: processing.core.PGraphicsJava2D cannot be cast to processing.opengl.PGraphicsOpenGL

    This was the error message in Processing 2 for depthinfrared.

  • @Mark, thanks for the tutorial, it seems very comprehensive.

    Here's a profile picture to help with gender identification :)

  • Am guessing you’re using the JAVA renderer or P2D renderer? You should be using the P3D renderer, as defined by your size() statement in setup().

    size(640,480, OPENGL);
    ...either should work (obv use whatever width & height you actually want to use).
    Have a wander through the posts in this thread: http://troikatronix.com/community/#/discussion/2347/motion-tracking-through-isadora
    It links to some sketches you might find useful to explore interacting with the kinect further.

  • @Marci, I will try that out too. Between your help and Marks, i should be able to cover significant ground. I'll be sure to share my explorations here.

    Thanks for the link!