Scaling OSC from Synapse Kinect

  • I'm thinking that I'm missing something obvious, but here goes:

    The OSC values I'm getting from Synapse are in the range of -480 to 600\.   I want to be able to scale these to a useful range, but the MAX and MIN scale on, for example, the Shape Actor  actor is -200 and +200\.  I want to be able to use the whole range, not just to limit the values. 
    When I use the Scale Value actor, I am only able to scale the values above 0, and not the negative numbers.
    What am I missing here?  
    This seems simple, but my question seems to fall between the cracks of Scaling documentation.  Or I've just missed it...

  • Here's what you want to do:

    1) On the OSC Listener, click on the 'value' output.
    2) In the inspector, set the Limit Min and Limit Max to -480 and 600, respectively
    3) Click on, for example, the 'horz pos' input of the shapes actor, and set the Scale Min and Scale Max values to -50 and 50, respectively
    Now, the range -480 to 600 will automatically be scaled to -50 to +50.
    This kind of scaling is one of the key features of Isadora, and understanding it well will open a lot of doors. I suggest, if you haven't already, that you watch these two online tutorials on value scaling.
    Best WIshes,

  • Ok thanks. I had watched the tutorial, but only understood the scaled receiving of messages, not the sending.