• Hello,

    I will fill also a features report, but perhaps it concern other.
    **set/get global** : It would be good to have te possibility to directly write or read the nth value of a global without opening the n input and output
    **javascript** : It would be very useful to have the possibility, inside javascript actor, to take the value of an ID output or give a value to an ID input.
    For example, I want to change some (like 64…) text edit in the control pane to initialize a display. Now I need to create 64 output in javascript and manually join each edit text to each output. It could be very useful to make nice UI. Also the possibility to give a name to output and input and to force the quality of input and output, int, float, string etc. (as in user actor).
    **UI** : it would be good to have the possibility to search a specific actor or a ID control slot in a complicated scene and in all the patch.

  • Hello,

    I have a question concerning javascript actor. There is a possibility to read and write text file?
    I tried that but with no result, any idea?
    function main()
    var output = "";
    var f = new FileReader();
    output = f.readAsText("texte.txt");
    return output;

  • Dear @jhoepffner,

    Since things like writing to the file system might allow someone to do something malicious – even if it was just to fill up someone's hard drive – it's probably disabled.
    That being said, I put the var f = new FileReader(); and output = f.readAsText("texte.txt"); lines inside of a try/catch block and an error was thrown. The error message was "FileRead is not defined."
    Best Wishes,
    Here's the code:

    function main()


    var output = "didnt_work";

    var err = "";

    try {

    var f = new FileReader();

    output = f.readAsText("file:///Users/mconiglio/text.txt");

    } catch (catchErr) {

    err = catchErr.message;


    return [output, err];


  • Dear @Mark,

    Thank you for the info, I will try using "include", perhaps I can open a file inside javascript and parse the content.
    But the big problem is still the lack of UTF8 output in javascript actor! We Europeans need it because we use this bloody little sign.
    Now, like DusX suggest it, I use an external editor (atom) to write my javascript and use "include" to insert in. It would be good to have a way to update the script when we save the external file, without the necessity to open and close the editor in Isadora. Like a trigger input.
    Best Regards,