2.1 : projector stage with cpu source ?

  • Hi,

    discovering v2.1, i'm wondering how to specify the stage of a projector when the source is cpu :
    both player and projector get the "n/a" value !

    (cf attached picture)

    the only way i found is to initialize the projector's stage value...

    that leads me to another question :
    with this "stage at the beginning of the chain" thing, how can i send a single source to multiple stages ??

    thanx by advance


  • Tech Staff

    I see this behaviour and am reporting it as a bug.

    It seems only to occur in cases where 'Shared OpenGL Resources' is not selected in the preferences video tab.
    Is there a specific reason you are not using this feature?

  • i'm upgrading an old patch (1.3.0f14 !!), therefore put the 'Shared OpenGL Resources' off as soon i read the release notes...

    i also put the "Actor processing mode" and "Layering" to "v1.x Compatible"...

  • Tech Staff

    those additional settings do not seem to be the cause, it is related to 'Shared OpenGL Resources'

    Since, 1.3 allowed resources to move between stages in a similar way to 2.1 with 'Shared OpenGL Resources'
    I suggest turning it on in your case, and see if it makes things better. 

  • it does, thanx !

    i'll do the same with the 2 additional settings and see if it's working...

  • Tech Staff

    The other settings are specifically for 1.3 style patches, so swtiching them may introduce subtle / hard to locate issues.

    However, if you have time and the project is useful.. making the migration will allow you to move it ahead more easily in 2.x

  • i'll take the time : the last time we played that show was 2 years ago, and it was supposed to be the very last !...   ;o)