• Hi to All!
    Does anyone could tell me how to store and send multiple values to several actors?  I.e., i suppose, i need something like "Table control" to store several values for each scene in concert, which I could send simultaneously to corresponding actors. 
    Such control could able to replace bin picker as main control in my projects and it let me able to store additional values(such as Comments, volume, color settings and so on...). Also this could able to simpify preparing and controling media for any concert by complete such table and selecting row.
    For example, I have two projectors showing defferent pictures/videos. My scenary list tells me that for time "1" I need to change media on Projector 1 and Projector 2 simultaneously, for time "2" and "3" a have to change media on Projector 2, and so on.... 
    At present the only way to do this is to control media through Bin Picker. But it's very difficult to do such task synchronously.  
    I think that better to prepare table list which consict all parameters for each scene in concert.
     What's the best way to perform this task at present?

  • Data Array? Global Values?

  • Yes, I need similar functionality like data Array, but control. It prevent changing actors settings by user. He will work only on interactive control panel and he able to change any values that he need in table.

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    It sounds like you want a 'scheduler' almost?

    Like you can get on media servers for airports, trains, etc?
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    I don't think I fully understand what you plan to build,

    however, I think you should be able to build the custom functionality as a User Actor without any problem.
    It sounds to me like you want to have X sets of data (Y large)
    and switch between all values via a single trigger.
    This can be done, you will have a user actor with many inputs [X*Y] (each can be set as you require) plus a trigger or recall number.
    Create banks of values connected to groups of 'trigger value actors'
    Use a trigger to send all values in the group at once.
    Just one approach. I am sure Isadora would allow this to be done in many ways.

  • Thanks for your Answers! 
    To [Skulpture](http://troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/profile/6/Skulpture) & [dbini](http://troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/profile/274/dbini) :
    >>It sounds like you want a 'scheduler' almost?
    >>Like you can get on media servers for airports, trains, etc?
    I don't know how relevant such comparation, but for now, the only way to do such task is to create severals edit controls, which able to watch & edit columns **of single row** and send it to DataArray Actor(as [dbini](http://troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/profile/274/dbini) says) for updating/inserting or to "media" actors.  I think that "Table" representation will be much more clearly and simlpy to operate, because not nessesary to create several edit controls, and I will able to see next/prev Rows in Table. A "Table control" somehow could be connected both to dataArray(to read and display values of multily rows from dataArray) and to control, which recieve Id of selected Row in Table(the same as Recall index in DataArray).

    To [DusX](http://troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/profile/149/DusX):

    >>however, I think you should be able to build the custom functionality as a User Actor without >>any problem.

    Yes i could, but only based on data stored in Actors. This fact means that i could change these settings only by me(a man who know how to organize actor's scheme). In case of interactive "Table Control", any of our stuff could make any changes that they need without any knowleges of actors building and setting. This thing could totally changes concept of buildings any project creating and operating. 
    It is rather to explain how to change values in table, what these values are means, and what happened when I select one row and press a key("Execute Row" for example), then trying to explain how to change data in actors.
    >>It sounds to me like you want to have X sets of data (Y large)
    Yes, I need a Table control that could able to store X columns in Y Rows. Also it will be great if I could set names for each columns.
    >>...and switch between all values via a single trigger.
    Yes, clicking by a button will send data in the Row to appropriate actors.
    Anyway, I will try to make my project, based on DataArray and several Edit Controls(as [dbini](http://troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/profile/274/dbini) propose).

    Here an example of sample table(see attached pic).

    Please excuse me for my English :)


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    Looking at the table above - can you not do this with scenes?

    Scene 1 = Number 1.
    Scene 2 = Number 2. 
    Or maybe I/we are still not getting it. 
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    I would format the data as JSON and load it via javascript. One JSON object per scene with all related settings. Much more flexibility for reading data than data array. Can't write out though.