2.1 : Izzymap and geometry VS Stage setup mapping [solved]

  • Hi,

    as far as i understand the use of Projector's Izzymap, i'm stuck with the combination with its geometry parameters (Zoom, Hpos, Vpos) ;

    changing these parameters modifies the perspective of the mapping set in the Izzymap.

    This seems to me to be the opposite behaviour of the Stage setup mapping ;

    i cannot therefore use the Projectors geometry parameters to compose a plane multi-layers image, and then apply a common Izzymap to each of them...
    (case of a stage containing several different multi-layers mappings, so that the Stage setup is useless)

    More precisely, I want to apply cycling horizontal moves to several layers : working on the Hpos of a Projector is a lot more efficient (FPS talking) than on the Hpan of a Zoomer actor... 
    ...but changing the Hpos moves the mapping !

    Any idea ?...

  • Tech Staff

    Yes, currently the the parameters only adjust the mapping output, not the input.
    If using something like the FFGLpanspinzoom actor will achieve your goal, that is likely the most CPU efficient method currently (FFGL are GPU based, same as izzyMap)
    Another possible option (really depending on what you are doing) is to use any of the 3D projector actors, output to a Virtual Stage... this allows these 3D effects/movements to occur before input to IzzyMap.

  • The Virtual Stage way is perfect !   This v2.1 ROCKS !!   Thanx a lot DusX