How to adjust the output in mapping in a curve?

  • Just got Izzy 2.0.  So far I'm very excited in its mapping abilities.  But it's pretty new to me and I can't find much in-depth discussion surrounding it (so far).  I'm trying to map a rear projected curve free-standing cyc.  The curve is about 15 degrees or so, but still enough to require a arch to be mapped at the top.  On the input view I figured out how to create a arch.  That's working out great.  But what I can't understand is why I can't distort the output in curves.  Either I'm misunderstanding the concept or I haven't found the tool to add a bezier point and make it a curve.  The 2 top corners of the video is being cropped out (instead of conforming to the arch). 
    So can anyone help on how to make a bezier point with a curve on the output view?

  • I figured it out.  Not sure why/how I missed the "complex" option instead of rectangle.  got the points in a rectangle to be curves.  I still can't figure out how to add new bezier curves to that rectangle in output.

  • Tech Staff


    the complex option is a mask and can only be handled on the input side. See this tutorial for more details:

    Best Michel