• Hi

    I'm currently testing codecs performances on W10
    competitors are wmv9 (as I know the latest wmv codec for win) and HAP
    The same file is encoded through Premiere cs6\. All settigs leaved to default
    Booth reach a stable 30 fps in my harware configuration (look at signature)
    differences are about file sizes. Original footage is full hd and29 secs and wmv is near 30Mb and mov (hap) is 350 mb. 
    Another important defference is that in isadora wmv files can not be played in palindrome mode.
    So If I need a lot of files to be played at moment in win10 is better to stay on wmv otherwise if you need a more interactive video control hap seems to be better.
    Are my thoughts quite right? Any other win user did similar tests?
  • Tech Staff

    Yes. Wmv is not as good for interactive playback ( palidrone scratching etc) It also uses more cpu for decompression. While HAP uses little cpu but much more data transfer. It is great for interactive. I think it sound like you have it pretty well figured.