• So I've just downloaded V2.1, and absolutely loving the mapping.

    Only thing is, I no longer have a 3d renderer. I have a Virtual Stage which allows me to render particle systems, but it's outputting GPU rather than CPU so I can't use any basic blurs or glows... 
    Is the virtual stage the new 3d renderer? If so, how is everyone working with it? 
    I've downloaded the free frame plugins, but thought the 3d renderer was one of the standard tools.
    Cheers guys 
  • Tech Staff

    The 'classic' actors are hidden by default now, to help people move toward the GPU actors.

    see: https://www.facebook.com/214094621937491/videos/1233582749988668/?theater

  • Thanks DusX.

    What is now considered best practise for applying effects from a 3D particle system? I noticed a drop to 15FPS while using the 3d renderer and a simple blur and glow. 
  • Tech Staff

    Use the virtual stage.

    It works much like the 3D renderer, but keeps everything in the GPU.