Changing speed in movie player not smooth

  • I just recently started using Isadora, coming from mostly using VDMX. I am generally very excited about the possibilities of Isadora for my kind of projects.

    In order to control that my video is perfectly in sync with live music (which varies bit from performance to performance) I had hoped I could use a slider to modify the speed of my videos during show play-back. Unfortunately when I apply any changes to the speed of my video in the movie player it doesn't apply the change smoothly but briefly stops and "stutters"
    Any way around that? Looks like it might be a basic issue of the program?
    P.S. (when I change the "rate" in VDMX, which is their equivalent of speed, it applies the change smoothly, so nobody would notice that I'm controlling (fine-tuning)

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    It should improve if you change the video mode to 'interactive'.

    Also what codecs are you using?

  • Use PhotoJPG or ProRes and be sure to set mode to interactive. Sometimes it WILL stutter slightly no matter what, but I guess this is more due to quicktime than Isadora.

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    Dear Jacob,

    I had the same issue with the new movie player.
    Take a look at this thread, maybe it will solve your problem :


  • Thanks for the help.

    I use Apple ProRes. In what settings do I set the mode to "interactive"?

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    You fine it at the last input on the movie player called optimize.

    Best Michel

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