V2.1 Movie Player actor stutters on speed change with Hap codec

  • While doing tests for a new performance I’ve noticed that the ‘Movie Player’ actor in V2.1 stutters each time you in/decrease the speed  of a full HD clip that is compressed with the Hap-codec. It doesn’t make any difference if I change ‘optimize’ or ‘pb engine’ in the actor

    When I play the same hap movie file with the old CI projector in V2.1, it runs smooth during speed changes.

    When I convert the movie file to the Photo-JPEG codec it runs smooth during speed changes in the Movie Player actor of V2.1.

    Hap gives great quality with half the file size compared to the size of the Photo-JPEG codec, and it worked great prior to version 2. I’ve never noticed it in version 2.05 because I always used the CI Movie Player. I needed to switch to a gpu player because of HSL adjustments that need to be done during the tour.

    I run the latest version of Isadora and the Hap codec on an up to date mid 2015 MacBookPro. All files are triggered from an external Thunderbolt drive.

    It would be great if Hap runs smooth again.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Izzy Guru


    Please read following thread that gives you insite in the problem and a solution: http://troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/discussion/1859/movie-player-vs-classic-movie-player-interactions-issues#latest

    Best Michel

  • Thanks Michel,

    The solution of a multi blocker does not work, I still believe it's the Hap codec that causes hiccups during speed change [in/decrease manual with 0,1]. I will file a format bug report as Mark suggested in the post you mentioned.
    All the best,