Updated a computer from 2.05 to 2.1 Vertical Stripes problem

  • Hi,

    I updated one of my show computers that is a simple still player and now on some stills I see vertical stripes appear in the still.
    If I lower the intensity on the Isadora projector the problem goes away, however the image is too dark.
    I use the video output option to feed a Black Magic thunderbolt UltraStudio express HDMI output. I haven't used the computers HDMI out to see if it's there also only because I can't use it in that mode because of the operator.
    I noticed the problem immediately after the update.

    f62c92-img_4750.jpg c9ded6-img_4753.jpg

  • So far going through a lot of stills I only see the problem in red that has a lot of saturation in it.

  • Tech Staff

    Does this change anything?


  • I tried it and no change.

    I reloaded drivers and izzy 2.1 and still no change.
    So I rolled back to Izzy 2.05 and the problem went away.
    Some kind of bug I guess.
  • Tech Staff

    OK please submit a bug report so we can look into it.

    This is the first instance of this so I am pretty sure its a unique situation - but still; please fill out the form and let us see if we can re-create it.