How to know with witch version I saved an izzy file?

  • Hello,

    I need to open an old file. How can I know the Isadora version with whom I saved it? I need THAT version....
    Any clue?

  • Tech Staff

    Good question

  • Hello Armando,

    Why do you need to know it?
    I had had the problem, I keep in my computer quite all the version of isadora and I try successively the different ones until I find the working one.

  • Well I don't keep ALL the versions but Mark an I did a big patch for une of my works and it doesn't work in the latest version...

  • Armando,

    In your user preference folder, you have all the different Izzy version preferences.
    When you open it in text editor, you can see at the bottom the last opened files, perhaps that could help you?

  • It doesn't open at all or it crash the app?

    Sometime one way to open a difficult (recalcitrant in french :-) file is to open Izzy, pause the engine, open the file, wait a bit and then resume engine.
    Perhaps with the date of the file and time machine, you can find which version was there at that time (and install it)?

  • Tech Staff

    This could be a handy little feature request? It may not make V2.2 but why not submit it for review?


  • It doesn't open. I'll try to open with a text editor if Jacques is right, and he often is ;) problem solved. Even though it would be nice to see it somewhere (like a tag in the file name, or like a timestamp stating the izzy version that saved it.)