• Hello,

    It's cloudy in Paris, a good time for programming…
    Finaly I succeed in making a replacement for QT text for subtitle, reading directly .srt file in sync with a movie and with french accentuated letters (one more time, Mark, we NEED UTF8 output for javascript!)
    For the moment the splitting of long text is not the better, I will improve that the next cloudy Sunday (another time, not possible in javascript for european language reason).
    Here is the izzy patch, the javascript file and one .srt example.
    Fell free to upgrade the proposition!
    All the best, Jacques


  • Don't forget to put the complete path for the .srt file, ReadtextFromFile need it (use terminal for that)

    The javascript actor doesn't need it if the javascript file is in the same place as the Izzy file

  • Here a new version able to read 2 lines of subtitles. still a little bit rough but it works.

    To prepare the subtitles, you can use belle nuit subtitler (expansive) or subs factory (cheap)
    If you use accentuated language, you need to use MacOs Roman encoding with Unix line breaks.
    Hope that helps


  • thanks a lot for sharing!!!

  • Hello @jhoepffner,

    it seams that your plugin is very unstable. My Isadora keeps crashing when reading files manually.
    I'm on OSX 10.10.5 and Izzy 2.1.
    Do you have any ideas?

  • Ok, i see "readtextfromfile" isn't your actor. But are you experiencing any similar effects?

    I try to do supertitles separated by text files for each sentence.
    It seems, that the actor crashes Isadora if the filename is changed several times.
    Do you experience similar problems? 

  • Hello, readTextFromFile is very stable for me, but you have to be very careful with the text encoding.

     I use the software Smultron to change the encoding to "occidental (MacOs Roman)".
    When the encoding is not good, it crash…

  • Unfortunately javascript doesn't accept encoding. If you use only ASCII letters, you can use only javascript and output directly the text.

    But with french language, I need to use ReadtextFromFile to output the accented text

  • If I want to read plain english text including right interpretation of carriage return, could I do this with javascript actor?

  • After hours and hours and a lot of given nerves including to learn and try reading files with javascript actors, I found the real problem.

    The actor seems to not accepting more than exactly 63 characters for the file path!
    Funny enough it works for several times reading the file (I connected a puls actor to trigger the read file). But usually after 4 to 5 times latest, Izzy crashes without error. 

  • @DillTheKraut 

    It can be that, personally I also try to have linux friendly path (no spaces, only ASCII letters and numbers)