3D particles colour shift bug?

  • Hello all,

    i've been playing with the new version of 3D particles (Izzy 2.1 on OSX 10.11.3) making some animated gifs:
    The inner size parameter is a nice addition, thankyou team.
    I tried setting a colour shift, the colour fades in nicely, but snaps from mid colour to end colour.
    is anybody else experiencing this or have i got my settings wrong?


  • Tech Staff


    Yes I can see this as well. Please file a formal bug report. Thanks.

    Best Michel

  • .....submitted

    i fiddled around a bit and noticed that it snaps to the end colour, then fades back to the mid colour as it fades out.

  • Tech Staff

    Funny enough I used this the other day and I seen that the last colour was strange but I thought it was me!

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