Huge CPU load with 'TCP Stream Control' actor

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    I encounter an enourmous CPU load when I activate a TCP stream. Testing on different Windows machines (I-3 with Windows 10, I-5 and I-7 with windows 8.1) and observing the Task Manager, I get a CPU load of more than 25% caused by Isadora after activating the stream.

    I first saw it when connecting to the Lanbox via TCP, so I wrote a small standard Python program to test it further. The same CPU load here with only some bytes of data transmission.

    I wonder if there is a way to avoid this CPU consuming behaviour. Is it also an enourmous CPU load on a Mac? I attach my testing Izzy and Python scripts ...

    ecafa6-tcp-test.izz 4c2a45-tcp_server_py.txt

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    On my MacBook Pro when the stream is NOT active the CPU usage is around 5% when activated it goes just quickly up to maybe 7% and when I put a "wave generator" to the "trigger values" value input and a pulse generator (10Hz) triggering the "tcp send data"s trigger and the "trigger value" it's range is between 5.5% and 7%.

    Best Mich

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    I will give this some testing. I use tcp-ip often and have not had any trouble.. but perhaps I just didn't see it. A fringe case memory leak was recently fixed and that will be available in the next release. So I will test both 2.1 and the latest beta.

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    I have replied to Gunther with some details of my testing of this issue via the Support system.

    I wanted to add a comment here as well.

    I do infact see a cpu usage increase of about 12% on my system.

    However, further testing indicates that there is no performance loss.
    Infact, cycle rates increased on my system during simple TCP stream tests, and during video playback and analysis the activation of a TCP stream appeared to have no real effect on FPS or Cycles rates.

    We will continue to look into the cause of the cpu usage increase, but I feel confident that usage of this feature does not effect playback negatively.

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