• I am trying to run an older IZZ file with lots of QC and Core video actors under 10.11.3, having just updated the OS. I am getting intermittent results and when I tried running the QC compatibility script it failed. Wondering if anyone else has had any issues similarly?

  • I have that funny feeling I will be re-installing an older version of the OS. Any recommendations.

    I'm running IZZ 2.1
    Is 10.9 a safer bet than 10.10 ??
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    I don't really use QC files but I think 10.9 would be better for QC. Apple will let QC fall completely soon I guess.

    Best Michel

  • @timeg from my experience  i would stick to Mavericks if you can.


  • Hi,
    I've got installed 10.11.2 and Quartz Composer and I have no problem into Isadora. My Xcode version is 7.1.1 and 4.6.1 of QC. You can try updating XCode and QC from Apple Developer Site. I'll upgrade to 10.11.3 and also will update Xcode and QC and then I could say whether all is well.
    Best Javi

  • no problem, with El Capitan and QC.

    best ....