Crashing on Project Opening and Engine Pausing

  • Hello,

    Anyone else having this happen to them?

    It doesn't happen every time but it has happened a few times.

    Also sometimes there is a delay when switching scenes, but not always.

    I have a video in actor, movie actor and two projector actors as well as a keyboard watcher and eyes++ so its not a lot going on. The video is photo jpeg compression. I'm using my smaller machine but I have created way more complex things with it using Izzy 1 in the past without these things happening.

    Are there changes to setups, file types, ect. that you guys are doing now that you're using 2.1?

    Thanks, Kedar

  • Izzy Guru


    Unfortunately Isadora 2.x was not heavaly tested on 10.8.5. There will come a few improvements for 10.8x with the next Isadora release, but besides that the new palyback engine (AVfoundation) was not fully mature until 10.9. Your would benefit with a more stable experience upgrading to 10.9.

    Best Michel

  • Hi Michel,

    Thanks for your help. I will look into changing my op system. I was keeping at 10.8.5 because it was stable and worked well with Isadora 1 but if you say its time to upgrade to 10.9 I will.

    Thanks, Kedar