Machine learning for musicians and artists course

  • Might be of interest to people here

    Taught using an environment that uses OSC inputs and outputs to machine learning algorithms, so could be used with Isadora

  • I had a quick go with it.

    Very impressive indeed. With the sample(help) input apps it is matter of a ONE minute or less to set up sensor to send OSC to Isadora.
    I tried few things, but camera input (face)analysis with almost no hit on CPU is amazing.

  • Yeah - I'm seeing lots of possibilities for it - you don't need to do the course, you can just grab the software here if you want

  • I watched the first course as well. I shall try this with my 10year old son to see how he would pick things up.
    I think it would be beneficial for many people here. Like it explain OSC and how to set it up really well. I see this question here fair often.

  • I signed in. The idea one can "teach" a computer to do any (albeit simple, if not trivial) tasks, treating it as a black box, is revolutionary for the practice.

    Thanks for this info.

  • I have fooled with it a bit more. So far it seems like the Wekinator is a kind of OSC router with some controls. It calibrates the values to 0-1 what output modules are set to read.

    But the most interesting part is the stuff that come with the project examples. All input modules can be hooked to Isadora direct as well via OSC. So it saves you all the trouble programming in Processing, PD, LeapMotion etc. or give you the start point to mod the code.
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    I'm taking this as well. Had been waiting impatiently for months. ☺

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    Are any of you working thru the course?

    I am just getting into session 3 today. It really introduces a lot of interesting options for artistic work.

  • I am following the course. But as a bad student I dont do my homework…

    Yes, very interesting, I am also into session 3.

  • Perfect!! this what I was looking for too .. awesome to know there is a course available online!! 
    thank you.

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    Yes I'm following it too of course. I'll try to connect wekinator to izzy

  • Armando, to connect to Isadora you just need to put out address 1234 in Wekinator or use def. Wekinator address in Isadora.

    I am a bit pusseled still - what the Wekinator does differently or better than Isadora? Beside the learn/run function versus setting stuff up by hand in Isadora.
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    One possible usage would be to 'teach' via wekinator, a number of recognizable body positions (using skeleton data from kinect).
    This would be hard to program, since you would have to detect X number of points within position ranges, within a specific time range.
    Wekinator can handle that logic for you, and just send the trigger once the body position is recognized.
    Many other such uses are available.. In all cases you could program the requirments.. but it would be harder.. and less flexible.
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    Yes. That is what I am trying to do, but I'd like to determine movement qualities and not movement positions) a damn difficult thing to do. Even if there is one research projet that is trying to do so in Canada Movingstories.

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    Interesting link.. thanks for sharing. :)
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    Welcome. I still miss the old forum "have you seen" section though...