Images from Processing v2.2.1 into Isadora

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to get the images from Processing v2.2.1 into Isadora. I followed the Kinect tracking tutorials and added the SimpleOpenNI, oscP5 and Syphon into the libraries folder of Processing.

    I tried to copy some of the code from the tutorial processing file to get the content into isadora but the images from processing doesn't show up on the stage. I'm not sure how I should write the code so that the syphon actor knows what to see.

    Basically I'm trying to have the Kinect follow the dancer but have the information control content in Processing like the mouseX,mouseY normally does and then have that come back into Isadora to be projected and stuff.

    Should the Kinect information stay in Processing to replace the mouse control or what if I wanted some of the kinect information to change things in Processing but also be able to have some control over actors in Isadora.

    Anybody have any experience doing these things?

    Thanks a bunch, Kedar

  • Yes, Kinect info in processing stays in processing if you want it to control something... in processing. Don’t pass it to Isadora by OSC and then back again.

    What you’re trying to do is actually something you’re just writing in Processing end of story, and then simply syphoning the final visuals into Isadora. Anything else you send is an afterthought if you also want those motions to control other things within Isadora. If you don’t need to send data to Isadora, don’t. It’s just unnecessary overhead.
    Have a good ratch through this thread: and the linked to sketches. Wander through the tabs across the top whose titles being with s1, s2 etc. These are the scenes. The rest are dependant classes to things so less relevant directly. Find a scene in that patch that kinda does what you want, then go to that scene’s tab and start working your way thru the code to find out what bits are doing what.
    OR... send just skeleton data to Isadora and do all the visual stuff within Isadora.

  • I simply track eighter skeleton, or  (thanx to  marci) a ghost image. All the rest is done in isadora! With good results!


  • Thanks Marci and  gapworks,

    I'll read the link and try what you have suggested.

    As I've been reading about and learning Processing I've been realizing that the motion tracking and generative art stuff can all be done in it and stuff.

    Right now I'm not at that stage but have been having fun using it and the Kinect to change parameters in Isadora.

    Thanks again, kedar

  • There comes a point where what you want to do simply can’t be done in Isadora... that’s where you turn to doing it all in Processing. 
    The Kinect Intearactive Curtain Scene in the sketch in that link is the best example of this. It’s really wondrously simple, but, you can’t draw the curtain with gravity etc in Isadora quickly or easily. You’d end up with a monstrous sketch of individual line actors and a mass of OSC receivers alongside a JS actor running code to do the physics simulation.
    NB: None of the Processing visual effects utilised in this are my own work. They are all examples from All I’ve done is, where on they’ve followed the mouse, I’ve changed it to follow a blob from the kinect, then added Syphon and OSC input and output.
    Everything is done within Processing. If I want to use the video output as part of an Isadora installation or stage show, then I just syphon it over. 
    (And yes, that’s me... sat in my kitchen)

  • Thanks Marci for the Processing files. I am new in Processing and wondering that is it possible to resize and re-location the Kinect Depth Image behind the fabric curtain?
    Since I have increase the size of the fabric curtain and I want to resize and locate the depth image in order to interact the curtain.
    thank you