V2.1 : MoviePlayer + palindrome = ghost process !

  • Hi,

    i just did this :

    a sinle MoviePlayer loaded with a standard Quicktime PhotoJpeg movie,
    settings : speed = 0, position initialize = 100, play length = 80, loop = palindrome

    as i initialize the scene, the MoviePlayer keeps on triggering, the processor gets hot (ventilation begins),
    and if i work to much with this on - still don't know when : i'm keeping on trying to reproduce it for sure -
    the scene starts to load very slow, and the process created (IzzyMoviePlayer32) isn't killed when i quit the scene
    (therefore the process is duplicated each time !), nore even after i quit Isadora !!
    (cf attached pictures)

    NB : unlikely the ClassicMoviePlayer, the position 100 isn't the end of the play length ; the movie comes backward after... same problem with standard loop on, but in this case the process stops and the position is initialized at the play start
    07b203-capture-decran-2016-02-09-a-13.55.49.png cd43ae-capture-decran-2016-02-09-a-12.42.33.png

  • Stephane,

    What I doesn't understand is why you initialise at 100? If the loop will be between 0 and 80, you need to initialize somewhere between 0 and 80, 100 is out of your choice.
    And why photo-JPEG?
    I tried to reproduce it, with h264 and p-jpeg, changing scene, no problem.
    I only ask why you don't have the little eye on top of movie player? and why you have QT in playback engine (I have AV for the both)
    PS Si tu as besoin de ta triple, dis-le moi, je pars en Inde du 13 au 20 février


  • Tech Staff


    Are your system specs correct?
    If you are running OSX 10.6.8 you can expect many issues.
    Isadora 2.x on Mac uses the AV foundation, and I don't believe its available in that OS version. 
    AV foundation continues to be improved, but really became useable for Isadora around OSX 10.9

  • @jhoepffner
    i'm upgrading a 4 years old patch still in use !...
    i find the old way (full range position despite the play length) quite useful, as many actors default is 0-100. (but quite tricky, i agree, to get a specific position !)

    i opened your attached patch, and reproduced my problem with speed set at 0

    what do you mean by system specs ?

    i know, my good old MPB is living its last monthes !!...

  • Tech Staff


    I was referring to your system specifications outlined in your forum signature/footer.

  • @DusX ok, so i just answered in my last post !...

  • Tech Staff

    If you can update to 10.9 (or even 10.8) you should see huge improvements.