Adding crossfade to Get Media Index output

  • Hello there.

    Is there a way to insert a crossfade to a Get Media Index > Picture Player sequence?  (Screen shot attached)
    I'm looking to automatically show specific images within a certain picture bin but also be able to control how they transition.  Currently the images jump to the next with no transition.  
    I'm curious to see if there is another way to perform this task.  Was looking for the Bin Picker actor but couldn't find it.  I'm assuming the Get Media Index is the same type of actor.
    Thanks ahead of time for knowledge.


  • You cannot have transition in this way, you have to separate the choice of media, with get media index and for that a counter is the good tool because you need to increment 1 by 1 (integer), not continuously (float with envelope) and the transition, using video mixer, here a very quick example 8db9eb-picturesfade.izz

  • Tech Staff


    It is possible since you wanting to fade still images.. It requires "freezing' a frame and then mixing.
     It is more difficult that jhoepffner's suggestion, and his method can be modified to work for sequential video mixing as well.