Spectral audio analyzer (fft) module with amplitude per band outputs as numbers.

  • Hi,

    I have been using Isadora for years, now bought 2.1 and I am very happy with new video capabilities. I want to ask you if there exists a module capable of analyzing audio and allowing outputs per band as numbers. If there is no module, I want to know if it is possible to be programmed via C, I know C but I was not able to found a consistent API documentation, so I prefer to ask prior to invest hours in installing my IDE.
    Thanks you for your great software.

  • Hello,

    There is another thread just about that, few days ago.
    – for a live input, use the sound frequency watcher actor and activate the input with live capture setting (one actor for each frequency with frequency and q setting)
    – for a recorded input, activate the frequency band (double click the eye) in movie player, the audible spectrum is divided by the number of frequency band. You have to choose "interactive" in performance input.

  • Thanks Jhoepffner,

    Now I see the utility of the audio frequency actor. The prolem now is that I does not understand how to route audio input. I am using a Behringer X32 audio interface, which supports 32 audio input and output channels and I just want to get the audio inputs from channels 29 and 30. 
    I searched in the forum and Knowledge base with "audio setup", "audio input", and other guesses and found no information in this subject. Is there a precise guide or procedure to make the routing setup?
    As far as I can see in the Live input setup, I can only select by 4 different "Apple" channels and when I select my Device (X_UF which is the right driver of the console), and then i press Sound Settings, the control panel of the system opens and I can not enable or disable any input. 
    I hope I am clear.

  • @kappuz

    I dont know about the Behringer.
    Concerning M-audio 2626 and Motu ultralite (my sound cards), I use a numeric cable, it could be SPDIF, TosLink or Adat, depending on your card, SPDIF for my motu, ADAT for my M-Audio.
    I wire the output to the input, I choose the card in "audio-midi configuration", I choose the digital output from Isadora for the moviePlayer and I choose the digital Input in "Input/Live capture Setting".
    With ADAT you have 8 channels, with SPDIF only 2.
    More stable than soundflower.