• Hi everybody ,

    I have a strange problem with multimix actor : In order to avoid to multiply projector in a scene, I connect several Text Draw actors  to a multimix.
    When I connect the 5th Text Draw I have a white square appearing on my stage.
    Even if I change the order of connection (ex : input 1/2/3/4 or input 3/7/5/1....) or if I change the blending mode of the Projector actor, the 5th input connected  makes a white square.
    It seems that it comes from a kind of limitation of the blending between the text draw themselves. 
    If i change the color of the background, for instance to black, or red, it changes the filling color...
    Hope it's clear and that somebody could help.

  • In the meantime I've solved the problem by changing the background color of each text draw into black and put the blending mode of the projector on additive. Black blends each "slice" of the text draw.

    Still looking forward of more explanations about this behavior.
  • Tech Staff

    I am able to repeat the problem on both Mac and Windows.
    The bug report is being entered. This should be fixed in an upcoming version.

    You might be best to use multiple Video Mixer actors, since this will allow you to not to convert to CPU video.