Possible Bug or enhancement - recovering from a pulled dongle (OSX 10.11.2, latest stable Izzy.x)

  • Just something that’s irked me with Isadora 2.x - I think on all versions thus far...

    One of my MacBooks has a sloppy USB port, and my Izzy dongle is on a string with a bunch of others. Occasionally it gets pulled just enough for it to drop it’s connection. A gentle nudge and it comes back to life... BUT... Izzy is non-recoverable. i.e.: Izzy drops into no-dongle save-disabled mode, and doesn’t come back into save-enabled mode once the dongle is plugged in again. I have to quit and relaunch, but that means I can’t save any of my changes and I have to start again from whenever I last saved. Occasionally this has tripped me up and I’ve lost several hours of work (as much my bad practice as anything else... but...). Isadora 1.x never had this issue. It always re-detected the dongle immediately and went back into save enabled mode.
    Am I doing something wrong / is there an option I’m unaware of to get Izzy to re-init the dongle without a relaunch? Should Izzy 2.x be able to recover from this and just for some odd reason it doesn’t for me? Or is that functionality genuinely a bit fubar’d in comparison to Izzy 1 at the moment?
  • Tech Staff


    We have been talking about improving USB key usage. Just last week it was a internal discussion thread. 

    That said...
    The upcoming 2.2 release, improves USB key stability greatly.
    So perhaps these stability improvements will help you. They are substantial.

  • Excellent to hear... look forward to it!