• The show opens on Thursday.

    This machine is my production computer used for larger scale Isadora shows (I use my laptop for everything requiring 3 projector or less and the big computer for everything larger). The last time it was used was in the spring.

    Today I upgraded to version 2.1 from version 2.05 and loaded a file that was created on a Mac in the latest version 1. At first, the file loaded fine without any media. As I started to bring in the media Isadora became unstable. At first, it crashed in the "associate media" dialogue window. After many attempts, in different ways, to bring the media in to the file I was unable to make it work. Now, Isadora gets to the splash screen upon boot up and crashes.

    I wonder if it has anything to do with the file being created on the Mac or in an older version of Isadora? Tomorrow I am going to try stepping back to version 2.05 and seeing if I can at least make something happen for the show, but I would really like to be able to use all the things in version 2.1.

    @Mark, Is there a new version that I can try? I would be very grateful for any help resolving this issue quickly.

    It should be noted that I have previously run many shows successfully on this computer using many versions of Isadora up to and including version 2.05. I have never had any trouble using files created in older versions of Isadora until now. Nor have I had a problem bringing files from a Mac in to Windows.

    I have submitted a bug report.

    Thanks for your help,

  • Dear @CitizenJoe,

    Well, there are a lot of variables here. 1.x file, moving from Mac to Windows, etc. But if it's crashing in when you're trying to locate the media, then I would suspect the media itself maybe. I mean, you can certainly go back to 2.0.5 if the file is a 1.x file, given that 2.0.5 will supersede the features of 1.x. But another approach would be to 
    1) Open the file without any media
    2) Replace the media one at a time by double clicking on each item in the Media view. Save after each item until Isadora crashes. In other words, if it is in fact the media that is the problem, you'll discover by doing this step by step process.
    I would also trash the preferences. You'll find them at
    The preferences will have the version number 2.1 in it.
    Best Wishes,