• Hello,

    I am using Isadora Core 2.1 in an Apple Mac Mini, running OS X V 10.8.5, Processor 2 Ghz Intel Core i7, 8gB RAM.
    I was using just two audio frequency detectors controlling two 3d lines to test, and after half hour of running, my patch crashed, here is the report. Any suggestions?? I am worried about stability in this version. Thanks a lot:
    I attach the info in a file.


  • Tech Staff

    The crashed thread was dealing with Core media/foundation.
    I suspect this could be improved by upgrading the OS to at least 10.9
    Since AVfoundation has been greatly improved in 10.9 onwards.

    I run 10.9 on a mac mini, and Isadora 2.1 has been very solid.

  • Thanks,

    I upgraded the OS X System to 10.11.3 (El Capitan) and Isadora started to run very smooth and stable, not consuming as much CPU as with the old system. I also tried the HAP video encoder and it is amazing. 

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