Low Level Application Control Best Practices(OSC Messaging, Show Controller, Multiple Media Streams)

  • Hi All,

    Long time Isadora user, but for the past year or so stopped using it to explore other platforms. But i'm back as Isadora is my favorite to use with some strange/idiosyncratic behavior. 
    I will try to explain in the fewest amount of words:
    So, this long term project I'm working on uses Ableton Live with LiveOsc and Midi Devices sending messages to Isadora. 
    I haven't upgraded to 2.0 YET, but am trying to get what I need done in the older version (Core).
    What is the most efficient way of handling OSC messages/ midi messages. In terms of calling, sequencing, organizing, and playing.
    The messages happen so fast and I would like full control over when messages from osc are accepted into certain actors, etc.
    I have messed around a little with the Matrix and Global Variable actors, but haven't really found a use for either of them. One, the global variable actor requires two different scenes. So i was confused as how to do that without running two machines...
    I want to explore the javascript actors in 2.0 and see if creating objects in JS would make all this routing and calling more organized.
    I have some example files if anyone would like to see what route I have chosen. 
  • Tech Staff

    Is there an order that you are trying to enforce on the isadora side? Is Live sending more messages that you need, so you are trying to filter down?

  • @memorygauze

    Sorry, I don't understand exactly what you want.
    – OSC or Midi?
    – Midi to OSC
    – OSC to Midi?
    You want to route OSC? But on which criterium, Value? Address? Time?
    You can explore OSCulator who can select, change, reroute OSC.
    Set Global Values and Get Global values doesn't need to be on different scene, it can be on he same.
    Be more precise, please.
    Best, Jacques