Record movie directly into bin

  • The new version of Isadora now saves movies to the desktop, and they are not listed in any bin.

    I want to record movies and assign them directly to different bins. I.e., I start Capture Camera to Disk, then when I stop, the movie appears in a bin (just like it used to in the good old days), but based upon a number or letter I assign, it appears in either bin 1, bin 2 or bin 3.

  • You can set the location that Isadora saves movies in the "Set Captured Media Folder..." option in the Input menu.

    Though you can't set which bin the movie will be added to, you can set which video index the file will be added to with the 'movie' input.  Note that you have to have that movie index available in the media bin, though it can be set to .  To do this, add a movie and then clear it.
    If you leave the 'movie' input to 'add', the movie will be added to the media bin with the index one higher than the highest current index number.

  • Thanks for this. So there is no way to assign a bin? I would like to categorize I guess I can do this with media numbers within the video bin, maybe 1 - 10, 11- 20, etc. OK, that helps.

  • there is a get media file name, it may allow you to create a condition for playing just the file you want, regardless of the bin or index the file is in

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    So there is no way to assign a bin? 

    ^ No. Not at the moment. You could apple script it maybe?