• Hello,

    I know that a new version of Isadora is under the hood.
    I need to say another time to everybody involved in the Isadora development that outside english speaking countries, we NEED to output letters outside the ASCII range (like é,è,à,ç,ô in France ü, ö in Germany etc.).
    I experimented all the way to go around this limitation:
    – QuickTime text worked well, but not implemented in AV foundation
    – Quartz Composer worked well but QC patch no more efficient with GPU
    – Parsing in Max/Msp not possible because OSC accept only ASCII
    – Parsing in Processing not possible because Syphon doesn't accept text (I don't know why)
    For the moment the only way is to use ReadTextFromFile Actor but without the possibility t parse the text (XML or JSON) and I dont know how many time it will work in the new versions of Isadora. To make a working .srt reader, I use RTFF to read the file, Javascript to compare TimeCode and 2 RTFF to output the subtitle…
    Here in France, Isadora is concurrenced by Millumin, less possibilities but easier to use. One of my argument to "sale" Isadora (as video creator and teacher) is the flexibility but without proper text handling, it's more difficult to do.
    So please, a way to output UTF-8 (and perhaps UTF-16 for asiatic language) is a necessity.
    All the best,