Teething problems with Kinect

  • Hi there 
    My name is Garth
    I am back using isadora after a hiatus after attending Live-i in 2009 in NYC if any of you who were there?
    I am finding my feet but I am very rusty! 
    I have managed to follow and successfully implement the Kinect 360 tutorials, thank you for those! And was about to look at Ni Mate too but see there are compatibility with USB 3 and El Capitain issues.  I assume this is still the case.  

    I would like to 

    1) Turn the infrared image into a mask which I can then invert so the light is on me or not, delayed or not, and changed according to triggers or sensors through movement parameters set in the Syphon feed... 
    2) I want to then use that as a mask I can fade and zone into or out of and track projecting only onto the performer, or inversely onto the background only... So I essentially want to use the blue outlined infrared signal and turn that into a mask, similar to the inverted silhouette use of it in 16 Revolutions... Then I can opt to flip it or not or otherwise... 
    3) the Kinect point user actor (for condensing the skelton feed numerical values) doesn't appear in my menus. Is it a separate download? 
    4) how can I effectively relate the data coming out through a calculator to control any parameters. The calculator only seems to want to add?  
    5) is it possible to capture video from the kinect at the same time as infrared? If not - as HDMI seems to be not recommended.  
    6) seeing as it takes a while to boot up in Processor, does that mean its best kept running within a scene, so that during a performance you don't have to rely on OSC and Syphon picking up on the signal?  
    Apologies for any obvious questions. There are I am sure some clear obvious points I am missing here. 
    I am mid rehearsals on an R&D process so mostly performing but also trying integrate as much as I can using Isadora, predominantly tracking through the kinect. I would really appreciate any help here. When I last worked on infrared in Isadora we were using the gel method and playing with the Wii controllers. I have some catching up to do! 

  • the 16 Revolutions sequence I am referring to...  5229e5-16-revolutions.png

  • Tech Staff

    re: #3, the user actor is available within the sample files.. 
    They are mentioned in comment boxes, and appear near to these.

    I recommend reading this lengthy forum thread. Numerous knowledgeable users have contributed to the thread, and many of your questions are answered there: http://troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/discussion/2462/kinect-isadora-tutorials-now-available

  • Great. Thanks for the response @DusX

    I hadn't gone to that thread because I already had followed the Kinect tutorials and had it up and running, but clearly should have. Homework to do now, to see what I can get up to.