• So, a very strange thing happened during this evening's run, which may or may not be related to a few crash reports I already filed.  Those reports dealt mostly with crashes when importing or replacing media files, but this issue occurred using the same show file as the crashes, so I already followed up using the same report.  Please let me know if you would like a separate bug report.

    I'm running a show using both mp3's (for preshow and intermission), playing in movie player, and aif's (for sound effects and underscores), playing through sound players.  All are routed through a presonus firestudio project interface.  Everything ran through the interface during tech and during the last two performances.  Tonight, however, the preshow mp3's ran fine through the interface, but all of the aif's were somehow routed through the "line out" output of my Mac Pro.  So, all of the movie players were still playing through the interface, but all of the sound players were suddenly playing through the line out.  Nothing has changed with my hardware setup, and the sound output in the preference pane is still outputting to the Presonus.  The Presonus is also showing as the default output in the audio midi setup.  A restart of Isadora post show returned to the proper routing of everything through the Presonus.  So, any thoughts?
  • Tech Staff

    I do not know.

    We have however, recently addressed a bug with audio ports that may or may not be related.
    This is included in the upcoming 2.2 version release.
    We are in the process of testing this issue further so, unfortunately nothing is immediately available.