• I am thinking of upgrading to get the USB of Isadora so I can do onsite pieces when not on my computer, but question:

    • if I get the USB key will I still be able to run isadora on my laptop as i do now without a USB key or will I need to use the USB key even on my own laptop?

    • Also, does the USB work in both MAC or PC or just one of them? In case I have to jump from my mac to an onsite PC.

    If I need to plug usb key into my own main laptop I won't upgrade.


  • Tech Staff


    • Yes you will have to use the USB key even on your own Laptop. Because your "normal" license gets converted to a USB license.

    • Sorry, I don't know this. Anybody else? @Skulpture @DusX ?

    Best Michel

  • THanks Michel.  Your first answer decides it for me. Going to have to skip getting usb. cheers-k

  • I'm not sure but about your second question the answer is: it depends

    if your license is a mac usb vers it also works on win, the win usb version don't works on mac. 
    i got a win usb license and some times ago Mark told me that, I don't know if now is different
  • Tech Staff

    I beleive you are supplied the code for your USB key based on the initial platform you request.

    If you require use on both platforms, you may request it, and an additional registration code will be created for the second platform.