Parrot AR Drone as live camera?

  • Hey there Isadora folks!

    I'm wondering if anyone has experimented with the Parrot AR Drone as a live camera source for Isadora?

    The drone creates its own wireless network to which your iphone must connect before opening the drone's own app and controlling the drone.  I can connect to it via my laptop's airport.

    I'm not sure if Syphon would help with this process?

    The drone has a proprietary video codec called p264, seems to choose its own ip address when booted and any connected devices (i.e. potentially a laptop running isadora) are assigned an ip address which is the drone ip "plus 1 -4."  So somewhat random.

    These seem like pretty complex issues, way beyond me...

    Here's the API:

  • Tech Staff

    Can you open the stream address in a browser or can you only connect your pc to the wifi of the drone?
    As far as I can read this would not be that simple.